Why goats?

Goats work! Specification:

Goats prefer to browse. They love leafy spurge and knap weed! Goats move through an area eating off the target weed while having a minimal impact on desirable plants and terrain. They do not have to be confined or starved into eating the weeds. Goats eat the weeds at any stage of growth or density. They seek out weeds in dense brush, in meadows, or sprinkled on canyon walls. Plants inaccessible and hidden from spray rigs or mowers are sought out and consumed.

In heavy weed growth, goats have only a ten percent dietary overlap with cattle. Timing is the key. The goats are moved when a balance of maximum damage to the target species and minimum impact to desirable species has been obtained. Basically, the goal is to over-graze the weeds thereby eliminating seed production while stimulating the desirables to compete and increase as the weeds are weakened.

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